The fact that the Jain Dairy products are used in thousands of homes is a testimony to our Quality Consistency. Our focus on maintaining the highest standards of hygiene has attracted thousands of customers to us. Our products include Milk, Dahi, Paneer, Ghee, Processed Cheese, Mava, Mozzarella, White and Yellow Butter and Lassi have made the Jain Dairy a leading milk product brand. Today, the Jain Dairy stands proudly as a symbol of many things: Of high-quality products sold at reasonable prices, of marketing savvy, and now a proven model for dairy development. Ever ready to introduce new concepts, the latest from the Jain Dairy is a range of Diet Products for our health alert customers. A new range of products like Jira Paneer,Chatpata Paneer,Chocolate Paneer,Red Chilli Paneer,Black Pepper Paneer, Onion Paneer and Flavoured Yoghurt have joined the popular range of Jain Dairy Products.